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T5 fluorescent tubes

T5 fluorescent lamps provide higher luminous efficiency than T5 fluorescent lamps, so that the aquarium cover can be fitted with fewer fluorescent lamps.


Opti Natural Lamps – reflect natural colors of fish and plants,

  • intended for freshwater and marine water aquariums,
  • emits light stimulating production of D3 vitamin in fish organism,
  • superb color reproduction of fish and plants through very good rendering index,
  • perfect for presentation of fish coming from highly insolated waters,
  • stimulates growth of marine flora and faun,
  • recommended combination: Opti Plant lamp.

Opti Plant Lamps – insure optimal living conditions of plants

  • intended for freshwater aquariums,
  • simulates natural solar light and activates process of photosynthesis,
  • inhibits algae growth,
  • recommended combination: Opti Natural lamp.

Opti Blue Lamps – provide optimal light for marine water tanks

  • intended for marine water aquariums,
  • stimulates growth of marine flora and fauna,
  • in freshwater aquariums used to observe night active animals.

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