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Platino T5 covers

Lighting hoods with T5 lamps set totally new quality in aquarium keeping. They allow to save energy, they are more efficient and the performance life is up to 5 times longer than of standard lamps. Through smaller diameter (16mm) the distribution of light is more precise. Another equally important advantage of T5 system is very good rendering index that gives natural look to the aquarium illumination.


When choosing our T5 aluminum hoods you receive a product:

  • meeting current safety standards, made of specially designed aluminum profiles,
  • with system of gaps helping to maintain the tank without necessity of dismounting all the hood,
  • with discreetly placed output that allows to connect essential equipment,
  • offering wide possibilities to regulate the tank’s illumination,
  • creating a perfect match with tanks and cabinets,
  • simple to mount on the tank,
  • with avant-garde design.

Platino covers are equipped with a set of security corners.

Aluminum covers are used to illuminate fishkeepings of very different needs, so we choose the type of fluorescent lamps we leave to our customers. Aluminum covers do not include fluorescent lamps.

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